When the World Needs Healers, Nurses Show Up

pastedimageFrom the time we are born, our lives are touched by nurses. Everyone who has given birth, or has lost a baby, everyone who has been in an accident, has been a caregiver for their parents, has been diagnosed with an illness, has been touched by nurses.

Nurses are healers, and nurses who themselves have experienced the power and joy of healing are often moved to reach beyond their daily jobs and routines to help where help is needed most. Whenever we learn about another natural disaster, an epidemic, or even the ongoing struggles of children and family slowly dying of hunger as millions of people do – we nurses cannot help but be moved – to help.

We are busy people, with families, jobs, and responsibilities, but at a certain point in our busy lives we do wish to find ways to either travel and provide care to communities in need, or to otherwise find ways to contribute our time and talents.

When I learned about Nurses With Global Impact, and the lifelong work of nurse Deb O’Hara Ruscowski from a mutual friend, as I was working with my team to build our very special new business my heart knew I wanted to align with Deb, who has dedicated her life to her family and to helping others, through the NWGI non-profit (an all volunteer organization) as well as her work with the United Nations on stopping human trafficking.

Health is a human right, not limited to economic, social, ethnic or national boundaries. Babies born into this world equally deserve access to care, to the basic necessities, to food, clothing, shelter and education. When a tragedy happens, it often impacts those who have fewer resources, and as nurses we feel compelled to close that gap.

NWGI makes it possible for us to find ways to help, whether through medical volunteering through the network Deb has built and continues to build with excellent non-profits and NGOs, or through staying home but contributing time to help raise awareness, money, and build partnerships.

NWGI is also sharing stories of nurses around the world who go above and beyond to serve, to provide healing and hope, and this further inspires us.

The story of nursing, even as we progress generationally and are more connected than ever, through the web, through social media, and through traditional media – is often best told by the patients and their families who have benefitted from the grace and strength of good nurses.

Nursing is wisdom. Nursing is empathy. Nursing is love. We welcome you to join the team at All-Pro Staffing as we support and partner with NWGI. More than ever, millions of people around the world need nurses, and together we can show up, in person, or online, to bring the passion for care that drove us to become nurses in the first place.